July 15, 2008

Official Press Release
Optaros Inc., assemblers of Next Generation Internet applications, today announced the launch of DoCASU 1.0, a user interface framework for Alfresco deployments as an open source project. The project will drive open source adoption rates and help users assimilate Alfresco's enterprise content management systems.
As a platinum partner of Alfresco, Optaros has successfully deployed numerous content management systems for clients, realizing a common need to create a customized user experience.
DoCASU 1.0 leverages the understanding gained from corporate user requirements and utilizes Rich Internet Application technologies such as the ExtJS AJAX framework. DoCASU 1.0 is not intended to replace the already existing Alfresco web user interface, but rather offer an alternative for users who require a limited set of features and profit from simplicity and ease of use. Thousands of users are employing DoCASU at NXP, a top ten semiconductor company founded by Philips, and see the benefits of the user centric solution.