Product Info
The current Alfresco UI has been designed to expose most of the potential of Alfresco. This approach addresses the needs of nearly all users, including power users, but is very disappointing for average end users.

The goal of DoCASU is to provide to the Alfresco Community a Custom Alfresco UI with a strong focus on User eXperience. This will be less confusing for average end users and will permit a broader acceptance of the solution by a larger group of users.
DoCASU provides the functionality that average end users need to easily work with Alfresco - which translates directly into high success rates for users in particular as well as the overall solution in total.

Clean Main Window

Overall look & feel aligned with modern desktop UI patterns

Folder Actions

  • View, create, delete, rename Folder
  • Create HTML or Text File
  • Upload File
  • Paste all

File Actions

  • View, update, delete, checkout, checkin, copy File
  • Download File
  • Add to favorites
  • Mail Link to File
  • Copy File Path/URL to clipboard


  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
    • Node type
    • Creation date
    • Modification date
    • Look in current folder, all folders